Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gaur expressed protest against PU proposal for 10-20% fee hike

Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 2:04 PM
In the recent past, Pb.University has increased 20% fee
Dharna at DC office Ludhiana against fee hike on 15 April 2014

Dr. Arun Kumar Grover 
Vice Chancellor
Panjab University

Dear Sir

A news appeared recently in the newspapers that Punjab University proposes 10-20% hike in fee for their 188 affiliated colleges within the State of Punjab and Chandigarh from the session 2014-15.

I came to know from reliable sources that a meeting of the Fee Hike Committee was held 2-3 days back and the Committee has recommended 10-20% fee hike (flat) for all the students studying in B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., M.A., M.Com., M.Sc. The Fee Hike Committee constituted by the University comprises 80% members of College Principals in which members from other segments were not included. I strongly lodge my protest against the constitution of the Committee in which representation from all the segments has not been given properly, that is why this hike in fee is recommended. In the recent past, Punjab University has increased 20% fee for the students studying in Punjab University Campus. A widespread agitation was launched by the students of the University Campus against this fee hike. The atmosphere of the University was not good and comfortable on those days. The issue of Fee hike was bought in the Senate Meeting. It was withdrawn after long deliberations in the Senate Meeting. It was also decided that the Committee will be constituted which includes members from the senate also. 
I, as a Senate member, strongly oppose the idea of fee hike in the colleges affiliated to the Punjab University as it is on the very high side. Most of the people residing in Punjab want to provide higher education to their children. They drop the idea of providing higher education to their children as they fail to afford to pay their fee. On the other hand, University proposes hike in fee on the very high side. I, therefore, request you to please not to consider the recommendations of the Fee Hike Committee and also not to bring this proposal in the Syndicate and Senate Meeting. Before this, the constitution of another Committee for the fee hike with the participation of other segments also is requested. This decision will create an unrest among the students as well as their parents being injustice to them depriving their right of being highly educated. 
Yours faithfully

Naresh Gaur
Fellow P.U.

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