Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Days ASL Workshop at B.C.M. Arya School Ldh

Indeed highly informative and interesting workshop
Ludhiana: 15th May 2014: (Education Screen Bureau): 
Two day workshop is being conducted at BCM Arya Model Sr. Sec. School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana.  The resource persons for the workshop were Prof. (Dr.) B.L. Handoo (Educational Consultant and Advisor  CBSE, New Delhi),  Mrs. Heemal H. Bhat  (Master Trainer and Examiner for Trinity College of London) and Mrs. Pallavi Sethi,  (CBSE ASL Pilot trainer and Cambridge Trainer Examiner.) The eminent resource persons trained the teachers from various schools of Ludhiana as Oral Examiners for ASL. They provided the teachers with guidelines and parameters to be followed for assessment and also emphasized on the objectivity and unbiased approach for grading purposes. More than 62 teachers  from  about 30 schools were  equipped with adequate  pedagogical  skills to evolve the students into confident orators who can express themselves  fluently  and accurately.
Dr. Handoo initiated the session with an effective introduction of ASL, Its principles and objectives. The experienced resource person also explained various types of practices – controlled, force and various techniques to assess speaking skills like role-play, dumb charades and story completion.
Through various individual, close pair and group activities; he explained the rubrics of assessment to the teachers. Video tapes of assessments being conducted was a valuable input to understand the methodology of conducting an oral exam. 
Ms. Heemal. H. Bhat extolled the city teachers for their command in English and classroom  management techniques as well as shared listening and speaking skills with the teachers. The workshop also offered teachers a platform to clear their doubts pertaining to the class room activity and the CBSE pattern of Assessment.
Ms. Pallavi Sethi explained various parameters and specifications of ASL covering various topics like Mapping CBSE Objectives and performance descriptors. She also dealt with Phoneticss Classroom Management and role of a teacher.
Dr. Paramjit Kaur, Principal deliberated on the need of professional development for teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills. This workshop provided not only essential knowledge but also a great opportunity to share experiences both on technical and regulatory issues.
It was indeed highly informative, interactive and interesting workshop.

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