Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seminar on “Feministic Perspective on Entrepreneurship”

Sandeep Kaur Riat guided the success Mantra 
Ludhiana22 April 2014: (Rector Kathuria//Education Screen):
An interactive session on “Feministic Perspective on Entrepreneurship” was held at the MTSM College, Ludhiana for the students of Master in Business Administration Commerce & Information Technology (MBACIT) with LMA Young Innovative Entrepreneur  award winner Ms. Sandeep Riat , M.D Akal Spring Pvt Ltd. , Ludhiana  on Tuesday,  22 April 2014. Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sandeep (Minnie) Riat guided the students regarding the mantra of  becoming a successful entrepreneur. She  mentioned her journey of becoming an  entrepreneur and contributions she made towards  the  overall growth of her enterprise. During her lecture she highlighted that  creator community is unique. They live with conviction,  passion  & optimism .While personally interacting with the students  she took a note of their enquiries too. Principal  Dr. (Mrs.) Parveen Kaur Chawla said that with the new generation stepping into the creative economy, building a global platform that makes  the process of  learning  imperative and absolutely necessary. At the end she proposed a vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to  the resource person for  sharing her thoughts with the students and congratulated the staff for  making the event a success.

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