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Extension Lecture at SCD govt. college

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The Series of Centenary Celebrations held in the city
Ludhiana: 25th February 2020: (Kartika Singh//The Education Screen):: 
The Post Graduate department of English of SCD Government College organised an extension lecture on Post Colonial Literature today under the patronage of the principal Dr Dharam Singh Sandhu and the competent guidance of Prof. Tanveer Lekhari ( Head of PG Dept. Of English). It’s objective was to amplify the knowledge of the students in the field of Post Colonial Literature. Retired Principal (Govt. Mohindra College Patiala ) and State Award winner for the excellent services in the field of Education
 Dr. (Prof.) Sangeeta Handa was the guest speaker. She was given a floral welcome by the principal Dr Dharam Singh Sandhu, prof. Tanveer and all the faculty members of the department.
Prof. Harmeet kaur Jhajj introduced the guest speaker to the audience and thanked  her for being a  part of the series of centenary celebrations of SCD Government College.
Dr Sangeeta, through her PPT presentation, explained  a brief history of Postcolonial literature; Edward Said's book ‘Orientalism’-the foundational work on which post-colonial theory developed; and  the Postcolonial Literature Characteristics.
She dealt with concepts like Postcolonial, Postcolonial Writing, Postcolonial Reading, and Postcolonial Theory in a very elaborative and coherent manner
Dr Sangeeta also gave an insight into the works of Homi Bhabha, Gayatri Spivak and Foucault.
It was a wonderful interactive session and many students of PG Dept of English quenched their inquisitive thirst by asking many questions from the guest speaker.
Thereafter principal Dharam Singh Sandhu also addressed the students and told  them that literature  provides a gateway to life experiences. It is a journey that is inscribed in pages, and powered by  imagination.
In the end Prof. Reetinder Joshi proposed the vote of thanks.

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