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An Open Letter on Delhi Nursery Admissions

Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 7:47 PM
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied 
Call for extension of Dates of Nursery Admissions Forms Availability
For Kind Attention Copies sent to:
Dr. Kiran Walia-Education Minister Delhi-
Mr. Amit Singla-Director DOE 

The latest developments in the Nursery Admissions Process in Delhi, which affects lakhs of families in Delhi have brought me to writing this letter to you.

5 years back when me and my wife Puja Arora, launched NurseryAdmissions.com ( Now called SchoolAdmissions.in ), we made it a pledge to help parents in their mission of getting their child in a right school. We have earlier been involved in the setup of ASAR with Center for Civil Society and worked on admission reforms and had advocated the common admissions schedule presently followed in Delhi based on the referendum done by us amongst parents in Delhi.

Unfortunately, the problems related to Nursery School Admissions in Delhi do not seem to go away as it was dreamt then with the Common Admission Schedule. We had asked for 30 days window, 15 Dec to 15 Jan which was followed for one year but post that parents have been made to run around in just 15 days.. And the other problems still persist.

The DOE ( Directorate of Education ) recently issued a circular dated 11th Jan 2013, clarifying 7 points related to Nursery School Admissions in Delhi for 2013-2014 session. 

It needs to be brought to everyone's attention that  :
1) The circular has come out at a time when the admissions are getting over on 15th Jan 2013. Parents and even schools got to know about it on Sunday afternoon after online forums picked it up. 
2) With 12th being Saturday and 13th being Sunday, most schools were closed.
3) As of now on 14th Jan, there seems to be no effect of the directions given in the circular and tomorrow by 2-3 pm most schools would stop issuing and receiving completed forms based on the old criteria / residence proof requirements etc, which are completely contradictory to the circular issued by DOE.
4) Parents are stressed and confused as they have no idea what is going on and how this action by the DOE has helped them anyway.
5) Many parents of 4+ kids were denied forms or could not apply online even if the child is 1 day more that 4 years old on the cut-off date. Now with this circular it gave them hope, but if it is not implemented then what is the point of this.
6) Even if the parents of 4+ kids want, then also they cannot apply in all the schools they want due to paucity of time. If it took all parents 15 days to apply in 10-15 schools, how can we expect these parents of 4+ kids to do that in 1 day. SOME SCHOOLS NEED PARENTS TO GET DEMAND DRAFTS MADE AND SUBMIT THEM WITH THE FORMS... WHAT ALL CAN A PARENT DO IN ONE DAY..
7) Similarly, many parents did not apply or buy forms of schools who were considering limited residence proofs. Now, even they don't have time left to go to all these schools and get and fill the forms and submit by 15th Jan 2013 deadline. 
8) DOE has called point systems and category based systems of many schools as discriminatory and against the rules. But when will they be changed, as parents who have applied have calculated their chances based on the proposed systems and they need time to relook at that. Similarly, many parents who had not applied to these schools, should be given a chance of applying based on the correct admissions system. 
9) Does DOE INTEND TO GET THIS DONE AFTER THE ADMISSION PROCESS CLOSES.... It would be nothing but Chaos..and 

Right way to Put this would be JUSTICE DELAYED is JUSTICE DENIED

The spirit of this circular if it has been made with the intention of helping parents should be to correct the process and not just be an eyewash like every year. 

I have got representations, calls, forum posts on SchoolAdmissions.in from hundreds of parents seeking clarification and help with this scenario. Everyone wants that more time should be provided for parents who missed out on applying due to the points mentioned in the circular. ELSE THERE WAS NO BENEFIT OR PURPOSE SERVED BY THIS CIRCULAR.

On behalf of parents in Delhi, I would like to propose the following to the DOE and the Delhi Govt :

1) Announce the extension of the admissions window to 30th Jan 2013 from 15th Jan 2013 presently.
2) Pause the nursery admissions process in Delhi for 3-4  days and ask all schools to correct their points, criteria etc and documentation requirements and publish the updated admissions process and formalities to be available to parents.
3) Make it clear that parents with kids 4+ can also apply for nursery, Reference to the matter which was in Delhi High Court last week.
4) Restart the admissions process after all this is sorted and give atleast 10 days more to the parents.

It is not just the question of rules and regulations, but the FUTURE OF THOUSANDS OF KIDS IN DELHI.

I believe that everyone should get an equal  and fair chance to get their child in a school of their choice through a completely  transparent  admissions process...


I hope that you take cognizance of my request on behalf of all parents in Delhi and act on it.

On behalf of all parents in Delhi and as a parent first myself. 

My strong request is to involve parents in the policy making process and creating a partnership between parents, schools and the govt. for the better future of our kids.

I am willing to volunteer and provide my services for no cost for any such initiative going forward.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajan Arora

www.School Admissions.in  +91-8860554242

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