Friday, January 6, 2023

Opening the doors to foreign universities criticised by CPI

6th January 2023 at 4:18 PM

It will have long term adverse effects-demands revocation

Ludhiana: 6th January 2023: (Kartika Singh//Education Screen)::

The communist party of India district Ludhiana unit has condemned in strong words opening the doors to the foreign universities by the UGC. As reported in the media the universities will be free to decide fee and also repatriate funds. This will totally marginalise the students from lower social economic group from the higher education as fees in the universities will be  rocket high. Universities will be free to hire the foreign faculty. This is against the repeated utterances by the prime minister that we want to make India self reliant and a skilled India. There is no dearth of knowledge in our country; what is needed is a policy matter in right direction. The foreign universities will prepare their own syllabus and they will produce the students to serve either in the foreign countries or for the corporate sector within the country. It is to be noted here when such a move was floated during the UPA government there was resistance from both BJP and the left parties. Now the BJP has taken a complete U turn. We demand increase in the budget allocation to education to 10% of the GDP. We also demand this decision be revoked immediately and policies should be made to strengthen our universities as per the modern times with discussion among various stakeholders including students organisations and teachers organisations and other sections of academia. The statement was released by comrades D P Maur, Dr Arun Mitra, M S Bhatia, Chamkaur Singh, Ramesh Rattan, Vijay Kumar and Vinod Kumar. 

Internationalisation of Higher Education

Opening the doors to foreign universities criticised by CPI

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