Thursday, October 28, 2021

Showing the way to fight unemployment and illiteracy

Not only education but giving skill training too

Ludhiana: 27 October 2021: (*Kartika Singh//Education Screen) ::

The year 1962 is remembered by the majority of Punjab for the war with China. That war claimed the lives of many young people. He turned off the lights of many houses but also alerted us to protect the honor, dignity and dignity of the country. Our country has started taking steps towards strengthening its military strength. The wounds of this war were not yet forgotten when the country was attacked by Pakistan in 1965. The pace of our peaceful development has been deeply hurt. Neighboring countries, such as the Brotherhood, have shed the blood of strangers. There was pain  and pain everyehere but the country's armies recorded a historic victory.

At the same time, the country's intellectuals felt that war was not the answer to any problem. War is an issue in itself. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Sahir Ludhianvi Sahib wrote while giving Haluna:

Fatih kā Jashan ho ki haar kā sog; Zindagī mayyatoñ pe rotī hai 

Jañg to ḳhud hī ek masala hai; Jañg kyā masaloñ kā hal degī

This was also felt by the intellectuals of Punjab. Pain of the fronts dug in the houses and grounds. I saw that time of destruction. I saw the deaths of the brave soldiers. Looked at the darkness in the houses. He felt that something had to be done. Kiran Gupta, principal of the government-run Jawdi school, recalls old times and quotes from elders. When this school was built, Urdu was more prevalent. Those papers can still be seen. Among them the year of the beginning of this school is probably 1972 but in fact there is a lot of other evidence giving good news about the good start of this school which shows that this school was started in 1965. The war against illiteracy had begun in that war year.

Now that the evils of inflation, unemployment and blind communalism are gaining momentum and darkness is being felt everywhere, the school is once again showing the way. Taking advantage of modern thinking and science, the school has started motivating the students of the school to look for jobs and move towards skills. The boys and girls of this school continue to learn something or other that will not allow them to depend on anyone for their livelihood for the rest of their lives. Principal Kiran Gupta told the students in the morning prayer meeting that apart from acquiring skills and earning a living, there is no caste or gender discrimination. Boys can learn to sew and become good tailors and earn good money and girls can also learn to cook and become the chief chef of some big hotel. Now the girls are also running the engines of the trains. Trucks have also started operating. Government buses also drive in big cities. By becoming a conductor and cutting tickets in buses, it is obvious that the girls have also asserted their power. There is a lot of talent in girls who are killed by a large section of the society due to their ignorance. There should be no stinginess in giving opportunity to girls too. Girls are never inferior to boys. Parents are also more sensitive when it comes to caring. No religion teaches discrimination against girls and no law. If any section of the society does so, it is very important to strongly oppose it.

Principal Madam Kiran Gupta said that the school has also installed a regular system for rainwater harvesting and harvesting. Roof water is no longer used. Directly into the earth, it contributes to the daily rising of the groundwater table. Smokeless stoves run on wood. On which a mid day meal is made so that the children do not become deprived of food or nutrition.

Life Line for the development of Ludhiana and Punjab Minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu have given a lot of support for the progress of the school. Mrs. Mamta Ashu has also shown full activism for this purpose. Renovated the computer lab, which was very important. Water coolers and other equipment were also provided. The English Booster Club takes first place every week in Block Ludhiana. He has twice topped Ludhiana district. He has also secured several positions during the Teachers Festival. Four positions in the block and two in the district.

Also made a name for himself in national level competitions with NMMS. Achieved six positions in 2020. Also achieved a position in 2021. There were many more contests which will be discussed in a separate post soon. Built in 1965, most of Bildin's rooms had gadar earrings. A five-room lantern has been found between them. Six new rooms were found during 2020-21. A dining area was also created. A science lab was also built.

Under the present circumstances, the school has made great strides in supporting its staff and students. It can be said that we are no less than anyone. Also remembering Baba Najmi's verses:

Be-Himmate Ne Jihde Beh ke shikwa karan Mukaddaran Da;

Uggan wale ugg Painde ne Seena Paad Ke Patharan Da

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