Saturday, September 3, 2022

Inspire meet organized in Government High School Jawadi

 3rd September 2022 at 08:56 PM

Excitement of parents at Selfie Point

: 3rd September 2022: (Karthika Singh//Education Screen Desk)::

There was a time when there was a Gurukul system of education. At that time the child who learned to read and write remained in the Gurukul continuously for many years. It was under the supervision of his Guru that his rites took place and his personality developed. When he completed his studies, he emerged as a complete personality. A personality who considered the whole country and society as his family and did not let anyone harm this family.

After this there were changes in the social structure as well as in the field of education. Distance started coming between parents and teachers. The parent meeting became a status symbol only in large English schools. One of the government schools is Jawadi Wala High School where efforts are on to maintain a mix of old and new ethos. Principal Kiran Gupta along with his staff should pay special attention to this.

Today Honorable Chief Minister and Honorable Education Minister S. Under the guidance of Harjot Singh ji, a meeting of parents and teachers was also organized in Government High School Javadi as per the instructions received from the Punjab School Education Department. The aim of the Inspire Meet was to bring closer the parents and teachers of the children. It is also necessary for those close to you. Only then, together, Don will be able to make the future of the child beautiful.

All the teachers made elaborate preparations to complete this sacred task. The school was beautifully decorated. The classroom boards were very well decorated. Charts made by children on various subjects were placed on the board, beautiful writing charts of students participating in the state level beautiful writing competition were placed on the board, book exhibition, teaching aids-awareness exhibition were also organized.

It was a memorable event in which parents and teachers were also present. There were children in front of their eyes. Parents participated in this. Information about various activities and sports going on in the school was also given.

A selfie point was also created on this occasion. This was a completely new trend. Remembering the people who came here on this day, there was a crowd of selfie-takers. The parents took photographs there and appreciated the efforts being made by the education department.

Their opinion was also taken from the parents of the children. These parents of children were very happy to see the change in the school. Inspire Meet also proved successful in achieving its objective of connecting and motivating teachers, students and parents. Sardar Jaspal Singh, Chairman, School Management Committee and Principal Smt. Kiran Gupta congratulated the parents and all the staff for winning this task.

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Friday, September 2, 2022

CT University Receives the Award from IIT Bombay

 2nd September 2022 at 3:19 PM

Award is Given for Outstanding Contribution in MOOCs

Ludhiana: 2nd September 2022: (Kartika Singh//Education Screen)::

CT University has received the award for the outstanding contribution in organizing training and spreading awareness on FLOSS/MOOCS by IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial at IIT Bombay itself. CT University is the only University in Punjab for receiving this award and has got first position in the Northern region for imparting trainings and certifications to the students in an effective way. This award has been received by madam Sukhmani on the behalf of CT University.

Dr  Kamal Malik, Deputy Director of MOOC cell said that MOOC cell at CTU has conducted more than 1000 certifications per semester under various courses from IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial. Students have undergone the training first through the video lectures and then the proctal exams were conducted and they have got the certificates from IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial. Dr Malik also added that not only the students but Faculty of CT University is also benefitted as MOOC cell has conducted various Faculty Development Programs for various courses like R Programming, Moodle learning etc for the up skilling of the Faculty. CT University has a dedicated lab for MOOCS/FLOSS courses. CTU will always try to keep the same standard in near future also. 

On this auspicious occasion, Dr Manbir Singh, Pro-Chancellor, CT University and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Satish Kumar has congratulated the entire team of MOOC Cell and CTU for their constant efforts and also motivated them to reach at the zenith of success in near future.

Dr Manbir Singh also added the words and said that CT University is a family that prepares the students for new flight every day and under it many researches and certification of new technologies are emphasized by the teachers and students.